Becoming an Advisor at NYCDA, Moving Forward

By @zachfeldman
Written on Sep 30, 2016

I’m reducing my day to day operational role at the New York Code + Design Academy, transitioning out between October and November of this year to a “Co-Founder Emeritus” role. It has been a really great few years building a brand new type of education focused on one of my great loves in life, programming. I’ve decided to continue on and pursue some other things. If anyone from NYCDA is reading this - thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart for your dedication, assistance, and company over the years. It’s been a pleasure!

I can’t wait for the future and the potential it might bring. I’m very open to hearing about opportunities that might be interesting for me to pursue after this crazy trip. Some of those opportunities might include Co-Founding the next thing, holding a high level technology position at an organization, or something I’m just not thinking about right now.

I’m already pursuing a few things, including starting my own agency,! I’m also taking some time off and possibly doing some traveling in the intervening time, as iteranant twenty-somethings tend to do.

If you have something that might interest me, please reach out at zachfeldman (at) gmail. Serious inquiries only please. Or silly ones, I suppose, if you must.

Tell me about, Zach Feldman, of NYC

I’ve traded on my name online for a while. My Twitter and GitHub handles are both “@zachfeldman”, so here I go again!

I am starting a new digital agency called We already have several clients to start with including the trendy Getaway House and some private clients we’re building Amazon Alexa Skills for, mostly thanks to introductions from a few long time friends (thanks friends!). I’ve acquired a set of diverse skills over the years and am very excited to put them to good use. I want to build really cool projects that make an impact, using exciting technologies. Some of the things our agency will be tackling:

Service Integrations

Back end data integrations between services: becoming the glue between your website and everything it talks to. For instance, let’s say you use a WordPress booking system for your business but wish it could e-mail you very specific details when someone books or talk with your scheduling/calendar system too. I will build the glue between all your technology, whether physical or cloud-based!

Voice Activated Applications with Amazon Alexa

I have a lot of experience already building unofficial apps for the Amazon Alexa through my Alexa Home project. I’ve recently begun the foray into building official apps, including a trip out to Seattle to check out Big Nerd Ranch’s new Alexa course and to chat with some of the Amazon folks about the development environment around the platform. I’m stoked to continue down the road of learning more about this ecosystem and attempt to pioneer Ruby development with it.

Home Automation Integrations

Over the last few years, my home has become more and more connected! I currently have 4 or 5 WeMo light switches installed, a few Belkin smart plugs, 3 Amazon Echos, the Harmony Hub remote system, and several other Home Automation systems cranking away. I’ve created a few cool different automation integrations using these systems, and I’m very open to creating more. API integration is a specialty of mine and especially with objects in the physical world.

Unique Online Experiences

I’m not really talking about informational websites. I’m talking about things like Dial A Compliment, the Automatic Nice Thing Sayer. I’m talking about Perfect, the service I built to easily send a postcard to anyone in the world by an integration with the Lob API. I’m talking about, the GPS enabled web-app that sees how far away you can get from the same point and still return within 16 hours. It is time to build projects that truly stretch the limits of the web and fulfill the needs of my clients through unique ideas and API integrations.

Overall, thanks

I’ve lived a lucky life and I’m very thankful, truly, for those that have helped me get to where I am and to travel this road. My Co-Founder at NYCDA, Jeremy Snepar, my Co-workers, who are now too numerous to name, my family, including my parents, siblings, an uncle who gave just the right advice at just the right times, and my girlfriend, for tolerating my insane ramblings, flip floppings, and ideas, especially over the last few months. She’s an angel.

Much love to you all, and as they say, “on to the next”.

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